Theater Management Solution

This product solution is geared towards entertainment establishments that offer its services / product via ticket based business operations such as Movie Theaters, Drama Theaters and even Sports Stadia establishments. The solution functionality is built upon revenue maximization model enabling the establishment to offer various combinations of products at differing rates and times.

This e-Commerce enabled solution not only provides online ticket reservations but integrates to offer offline tickets within the same system. Further, apart from Internet Payment Gateway based payment module, it is capable of processing payments through integrating to any third party billing /charging system such mobile operator billing solutions with or without the mobile service provider offering the main reservation facility.

The solution which is a fully web based, is location and platform independent and can be accessed from anywhere from multiple devices.


•    Movie search based reservation
•    Online IPG payment gateway supporting VISA,MASTER and AMEX
•    Integrated third party booking and payment solutions such as mobile bookings
•    Offline booking reservations
•    Ticket printing via POS solution systems
•    Multiple cinema set up management module
•    Movie / Event management module
•    Multiple Box Plan Management Module
•    Multiple rate management module
•    Showtime management module
•    Blackout management module
•    Special offers management module
•    Booking management module
•    Transaction management module
•    User management module
•    Reports module