A comprehensive portal that enables Sri Lankan holiday bungalows to be booked online. This solution enables bungalows to be searched and booked based on individual’s preferences. The properties are categorized into four segments as, Beach Bungalows, Up Country Bungalows, Eco and Nature Bungalows and Inland Bungalows.

Currently the solution permits to book on the full bungalows basis and the solution is expected to be expanded to permit room wise booking and to enable foreign nationals to book via an inquiry based function.

The solution is a joint venture between Leisure Port (Pvt.) Limited and Holiday Partners (Pvt.) Limited and future plans include to offer bungalow based tourism package products utilizing the existing network of bungalows.

•    Comprehensive search module
•    Bungalow partner detailed review option
•    Check availability
•    Online booking on full bungalows basis for Sri Lankan Nationals
•    Internet payment gateway facilitating VISA and MASTER CARD
•    Email confirmation
•    Offline booking management module for partners
•    Back-end transaction review management module for partners

Click on www.bungalows.lk to view the commercial solution currently available.